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Why do you need a drone videographer at your wedding or special event?

Updated: Jan 31

Aerial shot of Leeds Castle and grounds - Marshalls Drone Services

Having a drone videographer at your wedding or special event can add a unique and exciting element to the occasion. Here are some reasons why you might consider incorporating drones into your event:

  1. Aerial Photography and Videography: Drones can capture stunning aerial shots and videos of your venue, and all aspects of the event. This adds a dynamic and cinematic perspective that traditional photography may not capture.

  2. Unique Memories: Aerial shots provide a different viewpoint, showcasing the entire venue, surrounding landscapes, and the overall atmosphere of the event. This can result in unique and memorable images that you can cherish for a lifetime.

  3. Creative Shots and Angles: Drones can capture creative shots and angles that would be challenging or impossible with traditional photography equipment. This can include overhead shots of the guests, the venue, and candid moments from a bird's eye view.

  4. Live Streaming: Drones equipped with cameras can provide live streaming of your special event. This is particularly useful for guests who are unable to attend in person but still want to be part of the celebration.

  5. Entertainment: Drones flying in synchronized patterns with LED lights can create a visually stunning light show during the evening reception, adding an entertaining and futuristic element to the celebration.

  6. Tech-Savvy Appeal: If you and your partner are technology enthusiasts or if you have a modern and tech-savvy theme for your wedding, having drones can align well with the overall vibe.

  7. Guest Engagement: Drones can capture group shots of all the guests, providing a fun and interactive experience for everyone involved. Guests may also enjoy the novelty of being part of a drone-shot group photo.

  8. Social Media Buzz: Unique and high-quality drone footage is likely to generate attention on social media platforms. This can help create a buzz around your event, and guests may enjoy sharing the visually appealing content.

Before incorporating drones into your special event, it's crucial to consider local regulations, obtain any necessary permits, and ensure that the drone company you choose is experienced and follows safety guidelines. Additionally, communicate with your event photographer and videographer to ensure a coordinated approach that captures the best moments from both ground and aerial perspectives.

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